Mr Azcevedo

Mr Azcevedo was going through a very difficult period. While evacuated from his home from the Butte Fire his father died. a lot to take in at once for a young man.

He is a Native American and up until recently wore a long ponytail representing his heritage.

He became the target of bullies. When it became more than he could take he lashed out. His actions got him removed from school. Fortunately the judge landed him in a cummunity school rather than juvenile hall.

The school principal reached out to us asking if we could help. He knew Mr Azcevedo had potential and having trained with us himself he knew of our successes with young men in desparation. At the school principals recommendation we took him into our program.

That decision has been met with great success. He is a changed individual and we are very proud of him

He has since chosen to cut off the ponytail simply as a fashion choice. Not due to the extreme bullying he had formerly experienced

Mr Azcevedo is very much an individual. He is artistic and makes wonderful creations with his sewing talents. Now he has the confidence to freely express his individuality and creativity

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