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What The Sheng Chi Foundation Helps With

At Risk Youth

Building confidence and a positive attitude through training and mentoring


Many soldiers suffering from PTSD have found benefits in training. Finding relief and comfort through training


The Sheng Chi Foundation has taken on youths that have had difficulty with the law. Mentoring them, building confidence, and showing them a better direction.

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Sijo Da' Shifu Al Moore

Grand Master
Shou' Shu'

Shou' Shu'

Shou’ Shu’ is an ancient martial art taught to us by the late Da’ Shifu Al Moore. Throughout his life he mentored thousands of men. Men that had had difficult lives and were headed in a bad direction.

His guidance transformed countless lives and those men went on to become mentors for others. Continuing the tradition.

The effect he has had is incalculable. Turning troubled men with difficult pasts and a penchant for mayhem into productive model citizens who give back.

We were in that group and continue his legacy of transforming through training. 

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